Land Securities London Portfolio
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Corporate Responsibility

We are proud to play a role in forging the future of one of the world's greatest cities. Whatever aspect of our work we are considering, we keep this larger context in mind. Clustering our investments is a key part of the strategy, enabling us to think in terms of entire places, rather than single buildings.

As well as creating new developments, we play an active role in the regeneration of buildings and areas. The sheer scale of our work puts us in a position to make a big difference. We use that position positively by setting the agenda on sustainability, and taking responsibility for the impact we have on local communities and London as a whole.

Corporate Responsibility

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Acting responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but a sensible business decision. We want communities and Local Authorities to welcome our developments.



Our commitment to sustainability agenda recognises that every asset we own has an impact on the environment. This presents us with two distinct challenges.